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LLC Publishing – the premier business service to incorporate your business, publish your incorporation notice and protect your assets. Smartly and hassle-free. By taking just a few key steps now, you can establish the solid foundation that ensures your business’ future and multiplies your success.

Our Incorporation Specialists provide hands on service and handle your business from receiving your request to establishing your business entity—LLC, LLP, C-Corp.—to publishing timely notice.


Serving businesspeople, entrepreneurs, accountants and lawyers

proudly and thoughtfully for over 10 years.



Form an LLC  

(Limited Liability Company)


  Why incorporate now

Benefits of Incorporating

Today’s most successful businesses are incorporated. Incorporating gives you and your business the foundation for great success. A corporate entity helps you build a brand and helps you expand your business. A properly formed corporate entity can facilitate implementing your growth strategy and raise capital from investors and lenders. In addition, a corporate entity can help protect you and your assets from liability—that’s essential in today’s litigious society. And as a business, you are entitled to take advantage of certain tax benefits and you also reduce the risk of IRS audit.

These and many other benefits can make it worthwhile to incorporate your business and are yours for the asking right now.


  New York Businesses:

You Must Publish Your LLC Now

Did you know that as of June 1, 2006, it is mandatory in the State of New York that every LLC (limited liability company), PLLC (professional limited liability company) and LLP (limited liability partnership) publish the formation of the entity and then file an “Affidavit of Publication” with the Department of State.

To serve you, our Incorporation Specialists can publish your entity and ensure compliance with the latest publishing requirements. That’s because we’ve studied the rules, mastered the techniques and requirements and established a network of the most efficient and cost-effective publications to deliver timely and effective notice for you and your business. Why not leave all the drudgery to us?

Then you can concentrate on building your business and making more money.

Get Started Right Away and
Join the 1000s of Successful Business Owners
Who Have Worked With LLC Publishing.


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